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Tamarind Pickle / చింతకాయ ఆవకాయ

Tamarind Pickle / చింతకాయ ఆవకాయ
Tamarind Pickle / చింతకాయ ఆవకాయ
  • Tamarind Pickle / చింతకాయ ఆవకాయ
  • A very similar pickle of Andhra Pradesh is known as Chintakaya Pachadi is prepared with raw tamarind.
  • India is the largest producer of tamarind in the world. It is originally from Africa but is widely cultivated in India and Latin America.
  • The name tamarind is derived from Arabic and it means ‘Date of India‘. It is also popularly called Tamarindus.
  • Tamarind is commonly used in Asian cuisines and traditional medicines. 
  • Tamarind is very versatile, from cold drinks and condiments to main dishes it goes well with both sweet and savory and is beneficial in many ways. It is included in home remedies for many illnesses.
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