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We don't use preservatives or artificial colors in any of our products, in making or storing. So, you should take some precautions to have longer shelf life.

  • Avoid touching the pickle with wet spoons or hands.
  • Store in an artificial container.
  • Avoid using new spoon every time.
  • It's recommended to keep in fridge (not in freezer) for longer life.
  • You can put our packets directly in fridge without opening, but we recommend opening them as soon as you can, once they reach final destination.
  • Pickles are expected to release gases as part of fermentation process, this is perfectly fine and no sign of rotten pickle unless it smells/tastes bad.
  • As part of fermentation process packets will become bulky with air, we recommend you open them as soon as you observe this.
  • This fermentation process can be slowed down by keeping them in fridge or cold places.
  • Don't place it in direct sunlight/warm places/wet places.
  • Store it in dry, cold places.
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